I am co-leading a research group on text mining for literary analysis at Vanderbilt University. Like others around the world, we pivoted in March 2020 from meeting in person to holding instruction online. This story is about how we adopted better methods of teaching text mining following that abrupt transition.

Our Goals

During the fall and spring semesters this year, a group of colleagues and I at Vanderbilt University have run a noncredit research seminar to explore how best to teach the fundamentals of large-scale text mining to undergraduates, particularly students who come from disciplines other than computer science.

We are members…

NISO+ Plus 2020

This February, I participated in the inaugural NISO Plus Conference. The conference took place in Baltimore, MD from February 23 to 25. NISO stands for National Information Standards Organization. NISO is a key standards-setter for libraries, publishers, and other information providers, which maintains standards for MARC (Machine-Readable Catalog) records, the Dublin Core metadata standard, and JATS (Journal Article Tag Suite), among others. The great thing about this event was that it brought together leaders from every sector of the information value chain to hold pragmatic conversations about the future of digital publishing and information systems.

Opening Remarks

Todd Carpenter, executive director of…

Clifford Anderson

Librarianship and Digital Humanities. AUL for Research and Digital Strategy @vandylibraries

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